Articles for August, 2013

Travel Cover – Just When Was Europe Not Europe?

Holiday destinations in countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco are very popular. When purchasing travel insurance for your trip or holiday it may not occur to you that some of these destinations may not be categorised under ‘Europe’ for insurance purposes. For example, an insurer may not include Turkey or Egypt as part [...]

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Home owners Insurance and Basement Flooding

Whether you have ever experienced the unfortunate incidence of having your basement flood or not, there are definitely some facts about homeowners insurance that you need to know about. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover you for your basement flooding. Most homeowner’s policies do not come with any type of basement flooding insurance, unless [...]

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Conducting Business in Canada – What You Need To Know

Why conduct business in Canada? Canada is loaded with lots of perks which make conducting business within the North very appealing. Are you aware that Canada leads the G7 nations in easy conducting business? And, based on the Economic Intelligence Unit, Canada is forecasted to become the #1 spot to conduct business one of …

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Marine Cargo Insurance – Probably The Most Cost Effect Method to Insure Your Goods

Losses during transport occur daily. Containers shift and fall overboard, vessels collide and capsize, cranes puncture containers, weather damages goods and maritime piracy continues throughout the seas. All of these situations compromise the safety of goods travelling both domestically and internationally. Marine Cargo Insurance covers the loss, damage or theft of goods while in transit. [...]

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